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Single-hung or double-hung window replacements are one of our most popular options thanks to the traditional look and affordable price.

Your Home Improvement Company (YHIC) has installed thousands of these windows on St. Paul homes, and we only use high-performance windows that offer impressive energy-efficient performance.

Many homeowners ask the difference of single-hung vs. double-hung windows.

Single-hung windows are generally more energy efficient, but YHIC has top-rated double-hung windows that also provide remarkable efficiency.

One of the main differences is in the operation. On double-hung windows, both sashes are operational, while on single-hung windows, only the lowers sash is operational. Another important difference is in the price as single-hung windows cost less than double-hung windows.

No matter which you choose, you can count on YHIC for the best products, competitive prices, and expert installation.

Install Double Hung Windows in St. Paul Home

What are the benefits of installing double-hung window products in your St. Paul home? If your current windows are outdated or are not high-performance windows, the most important benefit is energy savings.

Up to 30% of your home’s energy can escape through leaky windows, so upgrading can mean significant energy savings.

How much could you save?

A typical homeowner will save nearly $500 year when upgrading from single-pane windows to energy-efficient windows. In a climate like St. Paul’s, it’s easy to imagine the savings could be even more.

Other benefits of a double-hung window replacement include added home value, improved security, and enhanced curb appeal.

St. Paul Single Hung Windows

Some think of single-hung window replacement products as inferior, but that’s not the case. While the convenience of being able to operate both sashes is important to some St. Paul homeowners, many don’t care and prefer the lower price of installing single-hung window products.

If you’re still not sure which is the better option for your home, our window specialists will be happy to discuss the features of both styles in more detail.

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