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Replacement Showers

An old shower full of cracks and mold growth detracts from the overall appearance of your bathroom and home. If your bathroom is dealing with this issue, though, the solution is simple—install one of our top-quality replacement showers! At Your Home Improvement Company, we have been providing superior bathroom remodeling products and services to the Upper Midwest for over a decade, so we have the expertise to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Quick and Efficient Shower Replacement

At YHIC, we strive to reduce the disruption to the daily routine of our customers when we complete a shower replacement. A bathroom remodeling project produces great inconvenience, especially to homes that only have one bathroom. As a result, we use our experience in the home improvement industry to provide quick and efficient replacement shower installations along with several other benefits. Our showers are:

  • Durable: Our products are tough enough to withstand wear and tear without showing signs of cracks or chips.
  • Customizable: We allow you to choose from several colors, designs, and add-ons to create the right fit for your home and taste.
  • Affordable: We strive to keep our prices low, while also offering attractive financing options!
  • Guaranteed to Boost Home Value: An updated bathroom increases the value of your home and makes it more appealing to buyers when it’s time to sell.
  • Easy to Clean: Since our acrylic showers resist mold growth, you can easily wipe down the non-porous material and keep it clean.

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Your dream bathroom and replacement shower await you, so contact Your Home Improvement Company to learn more about how we can help with your bathroom remodeling project. Call us or fill out our online form to request a free quote today!

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