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While it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different replacement windows, why not stick with the classic single hung or double hung windows. At Your Home Improvement Company, we serve as a full-service remodeling company in Minneapolis, so we can help you find the right replacement window products for your home. In fact, you can sit down with one of our talented, in-house designers to learn about bow vs bay windows. Once you are better informed, you can confidently make the right decision for your project.

Traditional Minneapolis Double Hung Windows

When choosing between installing double hung window or single hung options, your biggest deciding factor should be ventilation. Since the design of the double hung windows includes two operable sashes, you get optimal airflow in your home. Not to mention, you have much more control over the amount of fresh air that you allow into your home.

After you choose double hung windows, you can sit back and relax while our Minneapolis professionals provide you with full-service advantages, such as:

  • Customizable Designs: Although they are simple, you can still choose from several beautiful colors and style options.
  • Fast Installations: Our highly-trained remodelers can get your double hung window installation done quickly while still optimizing the product's energy efficiency.
  • Premium Products: We use windows that have multiple panes and corrosive-resistant frames for long-lasting beauty and function.
  • Strong Warranties: Our products are backed by double manufacturer warranties and our own labor guarantees.

Affordable Minneapolis Single Hung Windows

If you are less concerned with adding as much ventilation as possible, you might be more interested in installing single hung window products instead. Rather than having two operable sashes, only one of the sashes in this design is functional. Therefore, you get less ventilation but the same natural light. In addition, a single hung window replacement tends to be a more cost-effective option. Although it's important to note that they still offer many benefits and advantages over Minneapolis double hung windows because they are:

  • Easy to maintain because there are fewer moving parts
  • Equally beautiful with a classic design that complements all homes
  • Increased energy efficiency with fixed and sealed sash
  • And so much more!

Schedule your design consultation with one of our Minneapolis window specialists today to start customizing our single hung or double hung windows. You can get in touch with Your Home Improvement Company by phone or by filling out our online quote form.

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