Your bathroom is one of the most comfort-demanding sections of your home. you need a place where you can relax under a warm shower or pamper yourself in front of the vanity. An older bathroom that lacks its original luster can be a major downer on your headspace when using it.

As your lifestyle changes, you may also find that some of your bathroom features simply don't work for you any longer. While it was great having a bathtub when you first moved in, you quickly realized you rarely use it and that it would be much easier to have a standard shower. Furthermore, if you're part of the aging population you may now need more movement accessible accessories like grab bars or a walk-in tub.

As your life changes, so do your needs. Let's look at some ideas that you can use to equip your bathroom with features designed specifically for your home.

Bath Conversions: Switching Up Your Bath or Shower

It may seem like you're stuck with the tub or shower that's currently in your bathroom. Fortunately, these fixtures can easily be converted by a team of professionals in just one day. It doesn't matter how long it has been there or how difficult it may seem - an expert bathroom remodeling company can get the job done. With a bath conversion, you can:

  • Turn an existing shower into a bathtub.
  • Remove an existing tub, turning it into a new shower.
  • Customize accessibility with walk-in features.

​​Walk-In Tubs For a Safer Michigan Home

Are you tired of climbing over a tall tub sidewall and afraid it might one day lead to injury? You can qualm these worries with an elegant walk-in tub.

Walk-in tubs add a watertight sealing door to the side of your bathtub so that getting into the bath is a breeze. No more awkward straddling as you get one leg over followed by the other. Simply step into your tub, sit down, relax, and let the warm water fill up around you.

Equipping Your Shower With Accessories

There is no better way to customize your home's shower than by adding unique accessories that are individualized to your needs. Adding additional accessories upgrades your shower experience making it more relaxing, luxurious, and safer. Some convenient examples include:

  • Dual Shower Heads: Perfect for couples or those that want handheld features.
  • Mountable Shower Caddies: These caddies make storing your bathroom products convenient.
  • Grab Bars: Promote safety and give you peace of mind when at home!
  • Custom Rainfall Shower Heads: Enjoy a rainfall shower head for a luxurious option that changes your entire showering experience.

​​Get a Free Estimate For Your Bathroom Project

If you're sick of your old clunky bathroom fixtures or looking for something with safer features, the team of bathroom remodeling professionals at Bath Planet Experts can make your dream come true. We offer a variety of remodeling services such as bath conversions, walk-in tubs, new showers, and accessories.

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