Bathroom Maintenance Tips

Remodeling the bathroom

in your Detroit home can be so exciting. With many different options available, you have the freedom to create a functional space that perfectly speaks to your unique style and taste.

Perhaps you've hired a professional company, like Bath Planet, to reimagine your space, and you're completely over the moon about it. Whether you underwent a shower remodel or a full-blown bathroom remodel, you're now wondering how to keep it pristine.
Luckily, our expert company is here to provide you with helpful tips and tricks to keep your space beautiful, just like the day it was remodeled.

Keeping Your Detroit Bathroom Pristine

The bathroom remodeling project will require some maintenance with anything new to your home. It's essential to know how to properly maintain and clean your new features so that they can remain functional and beautiful for you and your family. Let's review a few of the big-ticket items.

Cleaning Engineered Stone countertops

To clean your solid surface countertops, you'll want to use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them down. As engineered stone doesn't require a ton of maintenance, you'll be able to take it generally easy on these surfaces. 

Taking Care of Your Granite countertops

Simply using a microfiber cloth to dust off your granite countertops, give these a quick wipe down. To clean effectively, use a damp washcloth with a little bit of soap to wash down your granite countertops. Repeat this process and dry until the surface area is free of all grime.

Cleaning Tips From Manufactures

High-quality brands will often provide you with the cleaning tips and knowledge that you need to keep your bathroom additions shining. Here are a few suggestions from top brands:
Delta: Avoid abrasives and polishes, including bleach-based cleansers. This includes cleaning products like Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol, Basin Tub, and Soft Scrub.
Kohler: Suggests avoiding anything with ammonia, bleach, or acid. Kohler states that you can use Windex, Fantastic Antibacterial Heavy Duty, or Comet Bathroom Cleaner.

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