Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your home is a fun and creative way to give your property a makeover. When you’re new to the remodeling process, starting with a smaller area like your bathroom is the perfect way to introduce yourself to renovating without taking on more than you can chew. A relatively easy project like a shower remodel is a great place to start.

Why start with the bathroom? Besides having less square footage to remodel, switching out the bathroom fixtures is a simple way to instantly change the look of your home. When planning a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to first consider what style of bathroom you want and how it fits with your home’s overall architecture.

Some things to keep in mind include the type of finish you like (such as chrome, brass, brushed nickel, etc.) as well as the overall color scheme. Do you like bright, splashy colors or do you prefer a muted, tranquil look? Consider some of these particularly popular styles when you want to renovate your bathroom:

Victorian Bathrooms

Victorian-style bathrooms are characterized by classic architectural notes like wooden cabinets created from darker types of wood like mahogany or walnut. Homeowners that want their bathrooms to exude a high level of comfort often choose to remodel in the Victorian style. Think clawfoot baths and pedestal sinks for a statement that expresses excessive luxury.

Industrial Bathrooms

The industrial period was more than a century ago but this look has resurged as a popular option for homeowners that love a sleek, “no frills” look. Bathrooms remodeled in an industrial style often feature chrome fixtures and basic colors like black and white. Some minimal uses of other colors are sometimes incorporated.

Tropical Bathrooms

Many homeowners are turning towards a “tropical” style bathroom. Tropical bathrooms are a great option for nature lovers. Why? The spaces are often adorned with lots of greenery, including tropical plants that thrive in humid environments. These bathrooms are often flooded with large amounts of natural light.

Partner With Experienced Bathroom Remodelers

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