For many people, especially seniors and the handicapped, the bathroom can be the most hazardous place in the home.  Fortunately, there are excellent options available for those seeking solutions to address the dangers of the bathrooms and to create a safe, comfortable space with a walk-in bathtub

Walk-in tubs are increasing in popularity in homes all over the nation, due to the convenience and accessibility features they offer as a safer bathing environment for many people. In this guide, our experts at Your Home Improvement Company answer your most frequently asked questions about walk-in bathtubs for those interested in transforming their homes with a safer, more accessible bathroom. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-in tubs 

For those with limited mobility, bathing can be an enormous challenge. Walk-in tubs are a wonderful solution that can help families regain their independence while bathing and avoid devastating accidents that happen all too frequently in homes across the nation. 

At Your Home Improvement Company, we’re always glad to speak with our customers about the many benefits of our walk-in tub models. For example, their non-porous, high-quality acrylic materials make them extremely easy to clean, and they come with a wide variety of amenities like hydrotherapy massage, comfortable seating, and more. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about walk-in bathtubs, for those interested in upgrading their homes with a safer bathing experience. 

What Makes a Walk-in tub Safer Than a Normal Tub? 

Walk-in tubs feature non-slip floors and water-tight doors that swing open to allow easy access into the tub. The tubs also feature ADA-compliant handrails, and a low threshold, eliminating the need to step in or climb out of the tub as you would with a normal, traditional bathtub. 

Additional features can also be added to make your tub safer and more comfortable for you. For example, the seat, faucets, and controls can be adjusted to the perfect height, and additional accessories like soap caddies and extendible showerheads can also be included to suit your needs. 

What is Hydrotherapy? 

Hydrotherapy and walk-in bath models go hand-in hand. Bathing is naturally one of the most relaxing things you can do to soothe sore and tired muscles, and hydrotherapy systems can enhance the experience with a range of incredible features. 

People suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, overworked or pulled muscles, poor blood circulation, bone pain, and other symptoms can find amazing pain relief from hydrotherapy bathtubs. With spa massage jets, temperature and water pressure control features, and other options, owning a hydrotherapy bathtub is like having a therapeutic massage spa facility in the comfort of your own home. 

Are Walk-in tub Installations Complicated? 

One of the first worries that a homeowner usually has about walk-in bathtub installation is the complexity of the remodeling process. In the past, new tub installation was a long and complicated process and may have involved days or weeks of construction to complete. Due to our innovative walk-in bathtub products and state-of-the-art renovation techniques, installation is fast and easy—and can even be completed in as little as just 24 hours. 

Homeowners have several installation options for fitting a bathtub into their bathrooms. One of them is a simple bath or shower conversion, which is a quick and easy way to replace your old existing shower or bath product with a brand-new tub. A contractor will be able to come and do an estimate to determine how to best maximize your bathroom space, and what options there are for making the remodeling process as fast and affordable as possible. 

Are Walk-in tubs Expensive? 

The cost of a walk-in tub will depend on a variety of factors, including the features and customization options you choose. Because they’re customizable according to your budget, our walk-in tubs are often surprisingly affordable for homeowners. In addition, we offer attractive financing plans that make our products even more accessible for our customers. 

In some cases, homeowners may qualify for programs or receive insurance coverage that could lower the cost of a walk-in tub installation. For seniors, Medicare does not usually cover walk-in tubs, but you may be able to get assistance from Medicaid. For more information, talk to your medical group or insurance company to find out what options you may have for financial assistance. 

Can I Install a Walk-in tub By Myself? 

Tub and shower installation isn’t easy, and doing it yourself can become more trouble than it’s worth. For the best quality installation possible, we can only recommend hiring a professional contractor to install your walk-in bathtub. Deciding to improve your home is a major investment, and you’ll want to know you’re getting the best value for your money. 

At Your Home Improvement Company, we’re proud of our team of expert contractors and the quality installations we provide for our customers. In fact, we’re so confident with the work we do, that we offer a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, labor guarantee, and the Good Housekeeping seal of quality to guarantee a lifetime of value for your new bathroom remodel. 

Walk-in tubs From Your Home Improvement Company 

At Your Home Improvement Company, we have been building safer bathrooms with gorgeous walk-in tubs since 2004. Safe and affordable, our walk-in tubs are uniquely built with customization options to ensure that your tub is just as beautiful as it is functional. 

If you’re interested in making your bathroom a safer place to bathe, we’d love to hear from you. Give our team at Your Home Improvement Company a call to speak with one of our agents about our bathroom remodel services, or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home quote.