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There are few exterior home fixtures as aesthetically pleasing as a bow or bay window. These stylish design options make a bold statement and are a popular architectural choice among many homeowners in La Crosse.

You might be wondering, however, which is the best option between bow vs. bay windows?

While each of these innovative options has a similar look, they're entirely different from one another. If you're confused about which choice is best for your home, it's time to get in touch with the industry-leading contractors at Your Home Improvement Company!

Install Bay Windows in a La Crosse Home

For so many homeowners, installing a bay window is a dream come true! There's something so cozy and eye-catching about their design that makes them the perfect option for any household in La Crosse.

A bay window replacement will include three separate window panes - one primary center pane and two smaller panes on the side. When you work with Your Home Improvement Company, you can count on your bay window installation being a fast and stress-free experience.

La Crosse Bow Windows

While a bow window replacement might closely resemble its bay window alternative, it will include four-to-five smaller panels. As with a bay window, our contractors will help you streamline the process when replacing a bow window.
Learn More About Our La Crosse Bow or Bay Windows

Whether you're more interested in bow or bay windows, our expert window installation team at Your Home Improvement Company is here to help! Contact our window contractors today or fill out our online form to schedule a free quote at your La Crosse home.

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