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New windows are a terrific investment. They look great, lower your energy bills, and improve the safety of your home. If you are contemplating the choice between single hung vs double hung windows, let’s look at some of the key features.

The key difference between a single hung or double hung window is how many parts move. A single hung window has one moveable sash that typically goes up and down and one stationary sash. A double-hung window has two moveable sashes that can tilt in and out instead of just up and down.

Therefore, a double-hung window gives homeowners a little more flexibility, which can be great whenever it comes time to clean the outsides. If you are ready to make a change, join the dozens of Duluth homeowners that have added real value to their homes with new single and double-hung windows installed by Your Home Improvement Company.

What sets us apart:

  • Experienced Installers
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Premium Materials
  • Friendly, Attentive Service
  • Great Warranties
  • Affordable Pricing

Professionally Install Single/Double Hung Windows in Duluth Home

Your home and every renovation project you spend money on is an investment. And between the harsh northern winters and triple-digit summers in Duluth, your old windows might be costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy.

Our team of qualified contractors can make your life a lot easier with double-hung window replacement. Get the functional, energy-efficient savings that you need today.

Benefits of installing double-hung windows:

  • Superior Ventilation
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Safe Design
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Many homeowners enjoy the premium benefits that come along with double-hung windows. But did you know that the less costly single-hung window is more energy efficient? Since one sash doesn’t move at all, there is a lower chance of leaks.

Learn More About Duluth Single Hung Windows

While double-hung windows are wonderful for ventilation and ease-of-cleaning, they can be a little pricey for some Duluth-area homeowners. Single-hung window replacement offers improved energy-efficient savings and less labor to install while being a lower-cost alternative to double-hung windows. For help installing single hung windows, let our team with decades of industry experience lend a helping hand. Call our office to schedule a free estimate today.

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