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Help your Duluth home make a big style statement with bow or bay windows. Either style can be a great way to extend your interior space just a little further. While similar, the key difference between bow vs bay windows is the number of sections.

A bay window has three sections, two that angle outward and one flat panel that connects the two. A bow window can have any number of sections but typically protrudes straight out rather than set at an angle like a bay window.

Install Bow and Bay Windows in Duluth Home

There are many benefits to installing a bay window in your home. From maximizing space to enhancing interior design, many Duluth homeowners love these simple additions.

Try these great ideas:

  • Add a Breakfast Nook
  • Create a Cozy Window Seat
  • Make Space for a Desk
  • Make a Statement with Long Drapes

Like all of the windows in your home, these beautiful enhancement features can eventually become a drain on your utilities. Luckily the professionals at Your Home Improvement Company are qualified to help with your bay window replacement. Our team has decades of combined experience and a growing list of accolades, making us an easy choice for quality home projects.

Reap the Benefits of Duluth Bow Windows with Professional Installation

Some people feel that bay windows are a bit of a dated style while Duluth bow windows can be a timeless alternative. Enjoy great views, natural light, and enhanced ventilation with energy-efficient savings. While bow windows are designed to be a specialty style statement, they function like other windows in terms of security, insulation, and ventilation.

Get Started with a Free Estimate for Bow or Bay Windows in Duluth

Maximize on the value-driven benefits of a new statement window by installing a bow or bay window by Your Home Improvement Company. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional interactions on every project. That means we provide expert installation and attentive service alongside premium materials. Contact our Duluth office to learn more today.

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