You may have read the title of this blog more than once. Everyone knows that your roof is important to the curb appeal of your home, but can your choice of roof colors really have an impact on your home’s energy efficiency? Yes, it can!

A new roof is a major investment in your home. Smart homeowners take time to research roofing features such as durability, cost, impact resistance, and energy efficiency. Less thought often goes into the choice of color. When asked what color they’d like, many shrug and say, “Black, I guess.” 

Today’s top roofing manufacturers offer an array of colors, but how do you decide which is best for your home? Here are a few things to consider. 

Complementing Colors

We’ll start with the most obvious factor: The color of the roof should work well with the color of your home, trim, and foundation. That doesn’t mean you’ll be limited to one choice. Some homeowners are surprised to find how many different colors roofing shingles replacement options look great with the other features of their home. Many never even considered anything other than black. Keep in mind that:

  • Your roof can be up to 40% of what is seen from the exterior of your home. Remember that you’ll be seeing a lot of that color once the roof is installed. 
  • Colors look different when placed next to other colors. Just because you like the color in the book of shingle samples doesn’t mean you’ll like it next to the color of your home. Be sure to look at the sample next to your home for a better idea of how it will look. 

Energy Efficiency

The color of the shingles you select can affect the temperature in your attic quite significantly—by up to 40° F! Dark shingles will help to trap heat in your attic while lighter shingles will deflect sunlight away from your home. Warmer climates benefit from lighter shingles while dark shingles are a better choice for cold climates. As a bonus, dark shingles help ice to melt faster. 

The Neighborhood Police (AKA Homeowners’ Associations)

If you have an HOA, your best bet is not to make any decisions without first consulting with them or thoroughly reading your HOA contract. Many such contracts specify which roofing colors and allowed and which are forbidden. If you make the mistake of thinking you can do what you want on your home, it could end up being a costly mistake as they can make you replace the roof if it violates the rules of the association. If you’re in doubt, just ask. 

Are You Planning a Change to Your Home?

Is replacement siding in a new color in your future? If so, choose a roof color that will look great with the new color rather than the current color. Both roofing and siding can last for decades, so it makes sense to choose your new siding color and roofing color at the same time, even if you’re not planning on completing both projects right now. 

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