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Brandon Home Remodeling

Since 2004 Your Home Improvement Company has offered the northwest region of the country the best home remodeling work that can be provided. Our customer-first attitude and incomparable work have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are members of the National Association of Home Builders, so you know that your work is being handled by only the best home remodeling contractors available. We offer an extensive list of services that can transform your home into the talking point of the neighborhood in Brandon. If you are residents of the Dakotas, Portland and Seattle area, Wisconsin, or even Montana, you can get unbeatable remodeling services for your home, including:

  • Window Replacement
  • Roof Replacement
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Door Replacement

Reputable Window Replacement in Brandon

With today's crazy energy prices, your windows could be costing more money than you realize. 

Older windows make it hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Your air conditioner runs non-stop in the summer, or your furnace works overtime in the blustery winter.

When you get your window replacement with us, you can start to see those utility bills drop with our energy-efficient windows. We can install any window you need, from bay windows to double-hung they are all available for your Brandon home. Our windows are sturdy enough to stand up to the harshest elements, all while maintaining the comfortability in your home all year long. 

Brandon Roof Repair and Replacement You Can Trust

When your roof is starting to get old and starts to fall apart, it is best to get that dealt with immediately. A roof that is allowed to fester away only leads to more significant damages to the interior of your northwest home, which will cost a small fortune to correct.

Let us be your roofing company of choice and replace your roof before disaster strikes your home. Our roofs are built with only the most robust materials that will protect you and your home for years to come. In fact, our roof installation is backed by a Class 4 Impact Rating that ensures that there is nothing that your roof won't be able to deflect. A bonus to this is that you could save on your homeowner's insurance with our roof.

Quick and Efficient Bathroom Remodeling in Brandon

It is hard to get a nice clean feeling after taking a bath or shower that is cracking, peeling, and discolored. We can replace your bathtub or shower so you can relax and freshen up in your new and updated bathroom.

We offer a wide selection of styles and customizable options that will fit anyone's personal theme. All of our replacement showers and bathtubs are made from a durable, low-maintenance acrylic that will last years and makes clean-up a snap.

Top-Rated Door Replacement Company for Your Brandon Home

Like our windows, a new door can help your utility bills. Our new door replacement will add extra security, energy efficiency, and beauty to your northwester home's entryway. With many customizable options, you will have a hard time selecting your favorite exterior door replacement.

Our premium door installations are done by certified and highly trained contractors who will replace your door promptly and professionally. Each door is custom-made for each job, so your new door is unique only to your home.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Home Remodeling Services in Brandon

When you decide that your northwest home needs a makeover, then let us be your preferred home remodeling company of choice. Your Brandon home will never look better, all while being more energy efficient and secured. Call us to get your free cost estimate for your next remodeling project. We can help with windows, doors, bathrooms, and more. And we want to show you why we have rated the best home remodeling company in the Brandon area.

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