Selling your home can be challenging, especially if the market is saturated. You may have thought to yourself, “How can I differentiate my home from all the others?” The best way to do that is to treat your home to a value-adding home renovation project.

Investors are willing to buy fixer-uppers—first time homeowners? Not so much. 

The more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing your home is, the more attractive it’ll be to prospective buyers. Consider taking on one of the following home renovation projects to sell your house fast:

Versatile Bath Wall Surrounds

At first, a bathroom upgrade may seem like an expensive and drawn-out process, but it doesn’t have to be. Installing a stylish bath wall surround into your bath space can quickly bring your outdated bath design back to life without breaking the bank. High-performing wall surrounds are resistant to mold and mildew, allowing for easy cleaning all around your tub or shower. 

Insulated Vinyl Siding 

A siding installation is a great way to capture the attention of home buyers. Insulated vinyl siding provides even more benefits by saving on future heating and cooling costs. The harsh winters in the Upper Midwest will incentivize any buyer to look for a well-insulated home that won’t run up the utility bill every month. 

Stylish, Energy-Efficient Windows

Who says you have to choose between style and comfort when it comes to your windows? Treat your home to a professional window replacement and secure buyers’ interest in your home for its aesthetic and energy-efficient appeal! Windows are a major part of any home because they’re responsible for letting in natural light, circulating fresh air, and keeping your home safe.

Install a brand new set of curved bay or bow windows into your living room for maximum sunlight throughout the day and insulation at night. A classic casement window design is perfect for home office spaces. Double-hung windows are great for bedrooms. 

High-Performing Roof Shingles

By installing a brand new roof made from durable asphalt shingles, you’ll be increasing the value and curb appeal of your home in a major way! Your roof is arguably one of the most important parts of your home. 

Acting as the first line of defense between you and exterior conditions, your roof provides protection and insulation from outside elements. Every new homeowner is looking for a high-performing roof they won’t have to repair or replace any time soon.

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