A small bathroom can turn your morning ritual into a daily struggle, especially if the area is so restrictive that your essential items are often hard to find because they’re buried under someone else’s. It’s easy to spend your shower daydreaming about a bigger bathroom or to google bathroom remodelers in the Midwest over breakfast, but don’t give up so easily; there are still several practical solutions that can help you reclaim space in your bathroom. Here are three popular strategies:

Use Every Surface

You may not have much space, but it’s important to maximize what little space you do have by using every surface. For example, you can attach a towel rack to the inside of the bathroom door for added vertical storage. The shower curtain rod—not just for shower curtains. Fasten a second rod against your surround wall and mount small shower caddies along it for extra product storage. If you have deep windowsill in your bathroom, you can also use this space to store toiletries.

Until you can afford that bathroom conversion, use your imagination to maximize the utility of as many surfaces as you can.

Discard Unused Items

This is an easy task, and one that doesn’t require the assistance of Minnesota bathroom remodelers. Take all those items that sit around the bathroom forever—the old toothbrushes, hair-clogged razors, and nearly-empty shampoo bottles—and toss them, or keep them in a small overflow area if those you live with insist on keeping them. If someone is truly still using these items, they’ll end up back where they were. If they remain untouched for more than a week, throw them away.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

Shelves are a godsend in small bathrooms. While there might not be much horizontal space, there’s almost always vertical space. Above the toilet, above the door, under the sink: these are all places ripe for a shelf. Use that vertical space and double your storage.

There you have it! Three simple tips to reclaim your bathroom space, compiled by the remodeling masterminds at the largest and most reliable Midwestern home improvement company: Your Home Improvement Company.

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